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Poetry, Creativity and the Musical Imagination

By David Gosselin “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” -Albert Einstein Populations that aren’t in a disposition to receive beautiful and impassioned conceptions in the realms of the arts will seldom know how to pursue them in the realContinue Reading

The Leaves of Summer by Daniel Leach

The leaves of Summer never were so fairAs now, by dying season’s light they’re kissed,September’s melancholy, golden mistDescends like dreams so richly everywhere,That I forget that I, like they, must die.And drinking in, like mellow wine, the day,Its glorious moment ripe, will fade awayUpon the morrow, and with them will lieIn brown and withered peaceContinue Reading

Nebula by Adam Sedia

When my time has comeAnd heliumWeighs down on my exhausted core,Spent from shedding light Through the endless nightUntil the fuel could last no more, Let my light not fade Nor my mass degrade, Into a dwarf-star, cold and dim; Nor may I collapse To a hole that traps All mass, all light to cross itsContinue Reading

Poetry by Michael R. Burch

Poetry, I found youwhere at last they chained and bound you;with devices all around youto torture and confound you,I found you—shivering, bare. They had shorn your raven hairand taken both your eyeswhich, once cerulean as dawn’s skies,had leapt with the sun to wild surmiseof what was waiting there. Your back was bent with untold carewhereContinue Reading

Book Review: Fatal Women by Kevin Roberts

The poems of Kevin Roberts (1969-2008) are indeed an anomaly among the sea of “Modernist,” “Formalist” and “Contemporary” verses that have proliferated throughout the literary world of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The poetry of Kevin Roberts is indeed a stupendous exception from the self-referential oblivion and existential obscurity that has so deeply entrenched itselfContinue Reading

A Riff on Abstraction by Richard Katrovas

Evil is the systematic substitution of the abstract for the concrete. – Sartre As in “concrete” as well as “abstract,” and thoughI cannot help but wonder if a system,constructed for the purpose of control,contrasting with all systems found in nature,is doomed to doom all that it must contain. And how may we regard the paradoxOfContinue Reading