The Leaves of Summer by Daniel Leach

The leaves of Summer never were so fair
As now, by dying season’s light they’re kissed,
September’s melancholy, golden mist
Descends like dreams so richly everywhere,
That I forget that I, like they, must die.
And drinking in, like mellow wine, the day,
Its glorious moment ripe, will fade away
Upon the morrow, and with them will lie
In brown and withered peace upon the ground.
But now, how lustily their colors cling,
And how enchanting is their rustling sound,
As to the fading evening sky they sing!
My spirit is with theirs forever bound,
Forever for one moment lingering.

Featured in Issue One of New Lyre Magazine

1 comment on “The Leaves of Summer by Daniel Leach

  1. Satyananda Sarangi

    Hello Mr. Daniel!

    How beautifully have these words been written! The entire poem seemed dreamy to me – I felt I was transported to some other world.

    Best Wishes


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