The Sea by Rowland Hughes

You are my lonely place,
my quiet thoughts,
your gift of moments of light
and dark, calm, evocative,
yet and unpredictable.

What hides beneath your
landscape of shattered light?
I am of the sky, looking down
at your tallest mountains,
where your secret caves allow
my imagination to pry.

At night,
you bring your moon path,
inviting me to walk its brittle glass
without the fear of drowning.
Though, one day,
man’s dark shadow will take
it to its grave.

Featured in New Lyre Summer 2023

4 comments on “The Sea by Rowland Hughes

  1. johnhughbalmfordmartin

    A wonderful poem!


  2. The poem has a nice tone but I don’t grok the “and” in “yet and unpredictable.”


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