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New Lyre is a literary journal of 150+ pages, published twice-yearly, in spring and winter. Click on the cover to purchase hard copies ($30) or click here to purchase PDFs ($20) today.

New Lyre‘s first issue features an epic narrative in blank verse, various twenty-first century ballads, villanelles, and other strophic forms. Our first issue also includes new riveting translations of Schiller and Sappho, a review of Michael Burch’s poetry, and an essay on Homer in the twenty-first century.

Poetry by Michael R. Burch, Daniel Leach, Paul Gallagher, Jared Carter, Adam Sedia, Kevin Nicholas Roberts (1969-2008), David Gosselin, John Steele, Brian Yapko, Bruce Meyer, Richard Katrovas, and Gleb Zavlanov.

Translations: Schiller and Sappho

Essay: “Why Read Homer? His Transcendent Legacy”

Book Review: Michael Burch—Our Very Own English Goethe.

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New Lyre’s second issue features a series of poetic vignettes inspired by both Confucian and Platonic philosophy, several poems from the rosary cycle of Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a selection of strophic and idyllic poems by Adam Sedia, as well as a rich selection of original poetry by British poet John H. B. Martin and American poet Daniel R. Leach.

Issue II also includes a fine and delicately balanced selection of ancient Japanese haiku, classical Chinese odes, and the mature ballads of Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

Poetry by Michael R. Burch, Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Adam Sedia, Daniel Leach, Kevin Nicholas Roberts (1969-2008), John H.B. Martin, David Gosselin, Janice Canerdy, and Paul Gallagher.

Translations: Goethe’s ballads, Shijing odes, ancient Japanese waka, tanka, & haiku.

Essays: “Climbing the Alps: The Vision of Ezra Pound” & “Chinese Classical Painting: Exploring the Landscape of the Soul.”

Book Review: Places the Soul Goes by Daniel Leach

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In celebration of the Keats-Shelley bicentenary, New Lyre’s third issue offers what might be called an “enlightened Romanticism.” It involves a journey from early “enchantment” to “disenchantment,” and finally, “re-enchantment.” The first stage is typified by the early Romanticism of a Wordsworth; the second by the adolescent rebellion of a young but deeply talented Shelley, Goethe, or Byron; finally, the third involves a mature transcendent leap, which may be associated with the late odes of John Keats and Shelley. Each of these stages in the natural course of human development is revisited with original poetry by poets from the USA, Canada, Wales, England, and Ireland.

Poetry by Michael R. Burch, Rowland Hughes, Johnny Payne, Adam Sedia, Daniel Leach, Kevin Nicholas Roberts (1969-2008), John H.B. Martin, David Gosselin, and Martin McCarthy.

Translations: Schiller’s “Thought Poetry,” including his most ambitious philosophical poem, “Life and the Ideal”; newly-rendered early English songs by Michael R. Burch; a choice selection of German lyrics and Romantic ballads.

Essays: “Profiles in Poetry: Celebrating the Promethean Spirit of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 – 1822),” “Behind the Lines: Keats’ Ode to Autumn,” and “Beyond the Lines: Wordsworth’s Ode: Intimations of Immortality.”

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In our age of accelerated technological progress, rapid mobility, and lightspeed communication, our world may appear more complex than one might imagine the age of, say, Dante, Homer, or Shakespeare. From the quick spread of new ideas and narratives to cutting-edge forms of behavioral science and modern propaganda, while civilization has experienced many new degrees of complexity, unleashing both good and bad changes, we believe that although the details are infinite the Truth remains simple.

Thus, New Lyre’s fourth issue features an extensive offering of original poetry by both new and seasoned voices, showcased through a wide range of themes and forms. These include an extensive selection of sonnets, which first came to full fruition in the days of Dante and Petrarch and later reached new heights with Shakespeare. 

Poetry by Michael R. Burch, Paul Gallagher, Robert Funderburk, Rowland Hughes, Stewart Burke, Daniel Platt, Johnny Payne, Adam Sedia, Daniel Leach, John H.B. Martin, David Gosselin, Gabriella Miller, Susan Botzet, and Caitlin Johnstone.

Original and exclusive translations: Dante’s famous canzoni, including, “Tre donne intorno al core,” “Voi ch’ntendendo il terzo ciel movete” and “Amor, da che conven pur ch’io mi doglia”; selections from Cavalcante and Petrarch; a new selection of Friedrich Schiller’s philosophical masterpieces.

Essay: “The World Needs a Renaissance, Not an Enlightenment.”

Review: “A Poet’s Journey to Florence”